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AVACS Live Chat - free Android / Java / PC chat application for mobile phones, tablets and computers with photos, animated smiles, avatars, own rooms, personal messages, contact list, exchange of photos, music and files, with colourful messages and more.

Some features:

all your messages, photos, voice and other information encrypted with 128-bit key cipher algorithm
15 languages: English, ???????, German, Georgian, ????????, Indonesia, Urdu(Roman), Romanian, Hindi (Roman), Persian(?????), Persian (????????), Türkçe, Français, Zulu, Bangla (Roman)
your profile/nick customizations: icon, color of your NickName, Private Message color and color of your message in room
creating your own rooms, change type of rooms (Private/Public)
earn money for winning in "Best room" nominations
became SuperModerator, send message in "News line" - visible in to all users
colorful Private Message colors which ranked by rating of your accounts
language filter for Rooms/News/messages, invisibility mode
test your chance and intelligence on games which exist in chat
possibility to get marry, make family, friend connection. Find person who near you
share anything that you want to sell on AVACS Market set a price for it
possibility to make private/public photo albums on your account(unlimited photos)
more than 20.000 online users from more than 50 countries.
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