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Oracle Real Application Clusters is high availability solution provided by oracle which also enhance and help with scalability, load balancing agility for any application. Real Application Clusters ( Oracle RAC) contains multiple nodes which allows several nodes in a system to accesses the database stored on shared disk storage. If any node fails or goes down then, the database and service will be still available through other nodes.
Igniter InfoTech is one of the expert and leading oracle real application ( oracle RAC) training provider with proven track record of high quality training. This course has been designed to provide to give practical training with various hands on tutorials and exercise. Igniter have highly qualified, expert and industrial experienced team of Oracle RAC Certified trainers, who have 7 to 10 years of experience. In this course candidate will learn basics of RAC architecture, GRID database administration and management, command line utilities and basic commands like SRVCTL, CRSCTL. You will learn RAC network connection and backup and recovery along with node management and online migration.


1. 8+ years experienced and Certified Expert trainers.
2. High training quality at affordable cost
3. Complete support and all assistance for certification and in-depth training.
4. Hands-on practical labs various exercise.
5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
6. Igniter Infotech Deccan Pune
7. Training provider in 11g/12c Oracle database administration.
8. Oracle golden gate
9. Oracle Performance Tuning.
10. Oracle real application Cluster (RAC).
Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure Concepts
• What is a Cluster
• Grid Foundation Components
• Oracle Clusterware Architecture
• Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
• Describe ASM Architecture
• Creating and Managing ASM Disk Groups
• Creating and Managing ASM Cluster File systems
• Administering Oracle Clusterware
• Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
Grid Infrastructure Installation and Configuration
• Hardware Requirements
• Network Requirements
• Software Requirements
• DNS and DHCP Configuration
• Grid Plug and Play Considerations
• Single Client Access Names
• Post installation tasks
Oracle Automatic Storage Management concepts
• ASM Instance
• ASM Disks
• ASM Disk Groups
• ASM Redundancy
Cluster installation Prerequisite for Oracle 11g R2 RAC
• Linux OS Software Installation
• Create OS Group and User Accounts
• Networking
• Synchronizing the Time on ALL Nodes
• Configuring Kernel Parameters
• Set shell limits for the oracle & grid user
• Create the Oracle Inventory Directory
• Creating the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Home Directory
• Creating the Oracle Base Directory
• Creating the Oracle RDBMS Home Directory
• Stage the Oracle Software
• Check OS Software Requirements
• Cluster Verification Utility
Shared Storage Configuration
• Types of Shared Storage
• Partition the Shared Disks
• Installing and Configuring ASMLib
• Using ASMLib to Mark the Shared Disks as Candidate Disks
Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure Installation
• Basic/Advanced Grid Infrastructure Install (without GNS and IPMI)…
• Grid Infrastructure Home Patching
• RDBMS Software Install
• Run ASMCA to create diskgroups
Oracle 11g R2 RAC Database Software Installation
• Installing The Oracle Database Software
• Creating A Cluster Database
• Post database Creation Tasks
Administering Oracle Clusterware
• Managing Clusterware with Enterprise Manager
• Determining the Location of the Oracle Clusterware Configuration Files
• Backing Up and Recovering the Voting Disk
• Adding, Deleting, or Migrating Voting Disks
• Locating the OCR Automatic Backups
• Oracle Local Registry
• Migrating OCR Locations to ASM
• Managing Network Settings
• Managing Oracle Clusterware
Administering ASM Instances
• ASM Initialization Parameters
• Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
• Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using srvctl
• Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using ASMCA and ASMCMD
• Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Containing Cluster Files
• Starting and Stopping the ASM Listener
• Administering ASM Disk Groups
• Creating and Deleting ASM Disk Groups
• ASM Disk Group Attributes
• ASM Disk Group Maintenance Tasks
• Viewing ASM Disk Statistics
Prerequisite Steps for Extending a Cluster
• Using addNode.sh to add a Node to a Cluster
• Rolling Patches and Rolling Upgrades
• Installing a Patchset with the OUI Utility
• Installing a Patch With The opatch Utility
Cluster Node Management
• Add/Deleting the instance
• Add the Node
• Remove the Node
• Single-Instance Conversion Using rconfig
• Single-Instance Conversion Using DBCA

Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
• Oracle Clusterware Log Files
• Gathering Log Files Using

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