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Microsoft Dynamics AX (Technical) Online Training provides personalized services.We provide both class room and online training with real time projects.
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→ MS Dynamics Architecture
Three Tier architecture
Base components: AOS,Database,client
AOS – server concepts
Database- SQL server concepts (brief)
Client – concepts
Communication between AOS server and client
Layers & models
Microsoft Dynamics Development Tools
Multi language and multi-currency
AOT ( application object tree)
Microsoft Dynamics Morphx
Security concepts ( new & Old)
Creating new users
Users – access permissions
Look and feel of client app
Navigation of app
→ Data base Concepts:
Primitive data types
Composite data types
Extended data types
Base Enums
How to create tables by using AOT
Temporary tables and Regular tables
RDBMS concepts
Creating different companies
Access data
Microsoft Dynamics AX Table Browser
Context menu concepts
Select statements and joins
Standard process of Import and export data
Views creation
How to use queries and views
→ Programming:
OOPs concept
Programming features and OOPS
How Ax supports OOPS features
The implementation of OOPS features in Microsoft AX
X++ ( programming language)
Similarities between X++ and C# , X++ and java
Local variables and Global variables
X++ statements
Loop statements
Conditional statements
How to write code
Using Inheritance concepts
Debugging in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Best practices
→ Programming Objects:
Jobs creation
Job execution
Debug Jobs
Print statement
Info statement
Class creation
Inheriting the existing class
Access modifiers
Foundational classes( List,Map)
Setting user options
System classes
Application classes
System Functions
How to create functions
Framework classes(Runbase, SYSoperational framework)
IL code and the benefits
C# concepts ( Delegates, Event Handlers)
Import and export programming for different file formats (excel, XML and txt files)
→ Performance
Microsoft AX reports
Auto design & Generated designs
Report Templates
Build and execution of reports
SSRS reports brief overview
Table methods
New methods
Table related methods
Override methods
UI methods and limitations
New methods
Form /Reports methods
Form /Reports datasource methods
Design level methods
Override methods
Scope of the methods
Impact of performance
→ User Interface:
How to create forms under AOT
Form Nodes
Using tables as datasources
Form templates
Methods in forms
Filter options
Display/edit methods
Microsoft Dynamics AX Queries
Adding custom filters on the form
Best practices
Form Cosmetics
Limitations of code execution
Menu Items:
Menu Items – types
How to create menu Items
Setting properties
Setting security
Adding menu Items to the menu
Creating new menus.
→ Regular Programming work:
Frame work classes:
Runbase Framework in Dynamics AX 2012
Sysoperational frame work
Number sequence framework Batch framework

Flat no: 205, 2nd Floor,
Nilgiri Block,Aditya Encalve,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad-16
Phone No : +91 – 9704455959,9618245689
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  • Flat no: 205, 2nd Floor, Nilgiri Block,Aditya Encalve, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-16  Andhra Pradesh 500016