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1. Introduction To Spotfire
o Why We use Sportfire?
o What does Sportfire Do?
o who is the Spotfire user?

o Spotfire Basic skills
o Visualizations
o Performing Data Filtering
o Data Drill¬Down
o Underlying Data
o Expected Format of a data table
o Loading Data using an information link

o Properties of Tables, Bar Charts and Line Charts
o Interpreting Bar Chartsand Line Charts
o General Visualizations Features
o Adjusting Properties
o Underlying data
o Coloring
o Trellis Visualizations

o Types of Filters
o Changing Filter Types
o Filtering Display Options
o Filters Organization
o Filtering Schemes
o Drill¬Down

Highlighting Items
o Marking Data
o Details¬ On ¬Demand
o Visualizations
o Multiple Markings

Saving And Exporting
o Saving a Spotfire file
o Exporting Data From Spotfire
o Exporting Visualizations From Spotfire

More Visualization Types
o Combination Charts
o Introduction to Combination Chart
o Properties of Combination Chart
o Using Combination Charts

Scatter Plots
o Introduction to Scatter Plot
o Properties of Scatter Plot
o Using Scatter Plots
o Introduction to 3D Scatter Plots
o Properties of 3D Scatter Plot
o Using 3D Scatter Plots

PIE Charts
o Introduction to PIE Chart
o Properties of PIE Chart
o Using PIE Charts

Summary Tables
o Summary Table Introduction
o Summary Table Properties
o Using Summary Tables

Cross Tables
o Introduction to Cross Table
o Cross Table Properties
o Using Cross Tables

Graphical Tables
o Introduction to Graphical Tables
o Graphical Table Properties
o Using Graphical Tables

MAP Charts
o Introduction to Map Chart
o Map Chart Properties
o Using Map Charts

Parallel Coordinate Plot
o Introduction to Parallel Coordinate Plot
o Parallel Coordinate Plot Properties
o Using Parallel Coordinate Plots

Tree Maps
o Introduction to Tree Map
o Tree Map Properties
o Using Tree Maps

Box Plots
o Introduction to Box Plot
o Box Plot Properties
o Using Box Plots

Heat Maps
o Introduction to Heat Map
o Heat Map Properties
o Using Heat Maps

Text Areas

o Color Modes
o Color Break Points
o Color Rules
o Coloring In Tables, Cross Tables and Heat Maps

More Coloring Features
o Adding Data To An Existing Analysis
o Adding New Rows to a Data Table
o Adding New Columns to a Data Table
o Adding New Data Tables
o Transformations
o Pivot
o UnPivot

Calculate And Replace Column
o Calculate New Column
o Change Column Names
o Change Data Types
o Data Function
o Exclude Columns
o Preview
o Formatting Numbers
o Short Number Format

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