DhuMall Job Hiring for Researcher Jobs in Triplicane, Chennai, -Part Time Vacancy


Researcher Full Time Part Time Jobs in Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu @DhuMall


Job Types: Part-time, Regular / Permanent, Fresher, Freelance

Part-time hours: 30 per week

Full Job Description: Researcher vacancy in DhuMall, Chennai

  • Job Summary

    We are seeking Researchers to supervise research projects and execute related tasks such as identifying research goals, establishing methods, and setting budgets to accomplish the specific research objectives.


    · Interpreting research specifications and developing a work plan that satisfies requirements.

    · Conducting desktop research, and using books, journal articles, newspaper sources, questionnaires, surveys, polls, and interviews to gather data.

    · Analyzing and interpreting patterns and trends.

    · Recording findings by taking written notes and using appropriate software.

    · Maintaining and protecting electronic databases.

    · Assisting management with budget and time schedules.

    · Anticipating research issues and promptly resolving them.

    · Promptly report any problems to the relevant stakeholders.

    · Following a strict code of ethics and protecting any confidential information at all times.

    · Writing proposals and delivering presentations when required.


    · Master’s degree or doctorate in the research field


    · Two or more years of teaching experience

    · Proven knowledge of data collection methods

    · Proficiency in data analysis tools and statistical applications

    · Excellent written and verbal communication skills

    · Excellent presentation skills and ability to write doctorate-level research reports for publication in reputable journals

    · Knowledge of project management

    · Ability to work within a team and follow the instructions of senior faculty

    Working Conditions

    Work remotely

    Salary and Benefits

    · Payment can be either:

    Hourly payment – paid per hour for the work at an agreed-upon rate.


    Project-based payment – paid a set amountas per the agreement with the client, to complete a project with a defined scope and deadline.

    · Payment rates would be based on your skills, experience, and the scope of the project.

    · Payment rates can be negotiated with the clients.


    Flexible working hours – can work at one’s own schedule

    Autonomy over work – freedom to choose the work projects and clients

    Location independence – can work from anywhere in the world

    Better income – income proportionate to work accomplished

    Variety – the chance to try out new projects that add variety and interest to the day-to-day tasks and work profile

    Global exposure- the opportunity to work is not bound by geographical restrictions, so helps in building a better network and diversifying connections.

    Company Overview

    DhuMall Freelance Services (www.https://iprimework.dhumall.com/) is an unparalleled freelance marketplace that brings businesses and freelancers together. It is one of the best services offered by DhuMall – the global marketplace for companies and entrepreneurs to shop for various great products, services, and opportunities available in more than 200 countries and territories.

    We believe that every qualified individual should be able to get the opportunity to do the jobs that interests them while making a decent income as well as get a chance to exhibit talent and creativity and expand skills and knowledge in the comfort of their home office during the hours they choose. Productivity and growth should not have strings attached to them.

    We value the trust and take utmost care for safety so that the fear of getting scammed does not stop our freelancers from pursuing their passion, freely. We also have unlimited opportunities and abundant job postings in many categories, so they can never run out of work.

    We have created incredible opportunities for you. Now, all you need to do is Join Us.

    How to Apply

    · Clickhttps://iprimework.dhumall.com/en/signup

    · Choose “I want to work”

    · Fill in the required details

    · Create the account, Signing Up as a Freelancer


    Send your resume to freelance.support@dhumall.com

    Job Types: Part-time, Regular / Permanent, Fresher, Freelance
    Contract length: 12 months
    Part-time hours: 30 per week

    Salary: 97,032.00 – 667,639.82 per year


    • Flexible schedule


    • Evening shift
    • Flexible shift
    • Night shift
    • Rotational shift
    • Weekend only

    Supplemental pay types:

    • Commission pay

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