Bump Up Ads- Push an Ad to the Top of The Category and Subcategories Classifieds pages



The Main Benefits of using “push an ad” button for pushing your ads to the top of the category page



Bump-Up Ads to Top Adsnity.in "Push an ad" Feature
Bump-Up Ads to Top Adsnity.in “Push an ad” Feature


There are several benefits of using this very valuable but FREE feature at Adsnity.in. This is one of the several other useful features for the advertisers or ad posters at Adsnity.in. We will keep adding more such tools and special features in future at our classifieds advertising website for the benefits of our dear advertisers and users.


Find below some most of the common benefits of the “Push an Ad” or “Bump Up” button feature at Adsnity.in :-


The Most important and valuable benefit of “Bump Up” is that your ad gets to the top of the category (and sub category pages ). And the date of publication of your ad will get reset to the time you bump it up!


 Pushing an ad to the top extends its listing time period. So, you don’t need to relist or repost an ad again if you want to keep it live at adsnity.in


Your ad will stay live as long as you keep it pushing to the top. In this way, we can showcase your ad on the Home page of Adsnity.in in the place reserved for the “most popular ads” on Adsnity.in”


Some of the Other things you can do to make your classified listing more visible on the Internet :-


Share your classified ad on the Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter accounts. You can do so directly by visiting your ad page and look at the bottom of it- you will find social icons. Click on the social icons and share your ad directly from here to your own social media accounts.


You can generate more ad views in this way for sure.


Using the “Push” button you can make your ads to the top of the category pages. You can push every ads to the top in every 6 hours time.


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