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Don’t be “April fool” for a Life:

Science (Statistics) already proved that 80%+ consumer (Family) spends money or Invests based on Emotion not on Logic Eg. Buying a Mobile phone or CAR to showcase the lifestyle but not based on needs or utilities.

Family’s Lifestyle expenses drain the surplus or sometime convert in debt ridden which leads to stress in relationships.

Family continued the same mistake at the time of investments or so called Tax / Financial Planning…Buying an Investments on Emotion not based on Logic…Today, the biggest risk, Family undertakes investing on “FREE ADVICE” from an agent / broker/friends without understanding Goals and suitability of products etc.

Please understand the simple logic that when you go to a doctor when your loved one is sick and you read the board “Doctor’s Advice Free” then you realized that doctor prescribed various medical tests from near by Lab and show him reports and after he will decide treatment & prescribe medicines…You end up with the high cost of medicines/medical reports, waste of time and also lost your peace.

The message is simple that doctor is dependent on commission income from Lab & Pharma company and to fulfil expected 20% commission income (Rs. 100)… you have to compulsory spend Rs. 500/-.

When you a buy Financial products based on free advice…you will end up with
1) Higher charges
2) Poor Returns
3) Sometime Capital Loss
4) Loss of peace of mind
5) Higher Lifestyle expense because Better option instead of investment

You have to be “April fool” for a life or have the permanent solution?
Yes…You can solve above problems by paying “Advice Fee” to professional Eg. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER….Today, You must ask 2 questions to your adviser that

1) Whether he/she is CFP or not?

2) How much Annual Fee he/she will charge for Advice? (Comprehensive Family Financial Planning)

If both Answers are Negative then time already arrived to upgrade your financial adviser.

CFP stands for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification, which the highest certification in Personal Finance. It is a Global certification originated from USA and today presence in 25+ countries including India.

It was started way back in 1980s and today’s world wide 1,50,000+ certificants and our country has only 1800+.

Like an Organization has a full time CFO (Chief Financial Officer) to ensure a good financial health… same way… CFP Certificant ensures good financial health of a family.

Let’s understand the role of the CFP.

1) Educate importance & benefits of Comprehensive Financial Planning to prospective customers with the help of a Sample CASE STUDY and sample financial plan.

2) Ask customer to prepare his own case study based on a sample case study.

3) Helps the customer to fine tune his case study.

4) Calculate Inflation adjusted corpus required for various Goals.
(Eg. Retirement, Children’s Higher Education, Children’s Marriage, Annual Vacation, Life Insurance corpus in case of death, arranging down payments for buying a home or car etc.)

5) Share Right Asset allocation strategy during Accumulation period and distribution period.

6) Mutually decide Average return for each goal based on an asset allocation strategy.

7) Calculate Investments (Monthly/Annual/Lump Sum) required for each Goal.

8) Suggests suitable products for each goal.

9) Implementation of plan

10) Review of Plan.

11) Apart from CFP also helps the client
A) Calculate tax liability for FY and suggests tax saving strategies.
B) Estate Planning.
C) Debt reduction plans.
D) Contingency Planning.
E) Discretionary expense reduction planning.
F) Real Estate Planning.
G) Philanthropy planning.

So, CFP stands as a CFO of a family. .. Save time… Save Expenses (Products/Personals)… Suggests the best products leads to a better return with a safety net.

CFP^CM (A Grade), SEBI Registered Investment Adviser Level 1&2 Certified,

BE, MBA, MFA-LIMRA, III Associate (Life), AMFI & IRDA Certified.

Direct Cell Nos. 091 67 36 22 01/ 099 30 75 17 09

Email: [email protected]


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