LAC (Liquid Alkaline Cleaner)-remove edible fats and oils, as well as light fuel and lube oils from cargo and storage tanks


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LAC liquid alkaline cleaner is a combination of fast-acting detergents, wetting agents and alkaline cleaners blended in a water-based carrier. It is applied as a highly diluted solution, with fresh or salt water, to remove edible fats and oils, as well as light fuel and lube oils from cargo and storage tanks and associated systems. LAC liquid alkaline cleaner can be used as a tank deodorizer when tanks have been cleaned with petroleum based tank cleaners. LAC liquid alkaline cleaner can also be used as a general purpose cleaner to remove oil and grease from surfaces in the engine and deck departments and other areas where grease and oil are encountered. In addition, LAC liquid alkaline cleaner can be used in boiling out new or retuned boilers, as well as in cleaning contaminated boilers and associated systems. LAC liquid alkaline cleaner should be diluted to a concentration of 20% or less in water before use in systems containing non-ferrous metals. LAC liquid alkaline cleaner has been evaluated by the IMO Bulk Liquids and Gases (BLG) Working Group on the Evaluation of Safety and Pollution Hazards of Chemicals (ESPH) and found to meet the requirements of Paragraph 1.8.2 of the Procedures & Arrangements Standards and is listed on the IMO MEPC.2/CIRC.11. Only cleaners listed on the IMO MEPC.2/ CIRC.11 can be used for cargo tank cleaning when cargo residue slops are disposable at sea.

Application and Use:-

Preliminary Considerations for Any Cleaning Method:
• Tanks should be stripped completely at the recommended cargo pumping temperatures.
• To avoid delays, all equipment for the cleaning method to be used should be onboard and in a condition ready
for use before cleaning is begun.
• Tanks containing drying oils should be cleaned with cold water immediately after discharge to prevent
formation of a hard, tenacious residue.
• Adequate ventilation should be provided and other standard procedures should be observed to allow personnel
to enter tanks as soon as possible after unloading.

Machine Washing:-
• Direct Injection Method (the once-through or total loss method).
• Introduce LAC liquid alkaline cleaner directly into the tank wash-water line by means of an educator or small
metering pump. Adjust the feed rate to give the correct solution strength (0.2%-0.8%).
• The tank should be stripped continuously while washing.
• Rinse the tank with ambient temperature water immediately after cleaning with LAC liquid alkaline cleaner.
• If necessary, spot clean manually to remove any patches of soil material that remain after cleaning.

Recirculation Method:-
• While filling the recirculation tank with water, add the amount of LAC liquid alkaline cleaner required for correct
solution strength (0.2%-0.8%).
• Except for the fact that tanks being washed are stripped back to the recirculation tank, the procedure is similar
to that for once-through washing.

Rock-and-Roll Method:
• Fill the tanks to be cleaned with water to the required level, at the same time adding enough LAC liquid
alkaline cleaner to give correct solution strength (0.2%- 0.8%).
• If a warm or hot cleaning solution is required, apply full heat on the heating coils until proper.

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