Magic PowerSaver Switch with PIR Sensor Body Movement Detecter


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“Are you harashed with unnecessary electricity bills? Here is a solid solution –

This fully automatic (security) Switching system capable of detecting up to 360 degree coverage area. If any body enters in the covered area the system became on. During the day the built – in photocell saves electricity by deactivating the Load. An adjustable timer lets you selects how long the floodlight stays on and the sensitivity adjustment allows you adjust the detection distance from 3m to 12m. So you can save a lots of elctricity by using this unit.

Product Features :-
· The product is an energy – saving automatic switch adopting System.
· During day time the inbuilt photocell saves electricity by de-activating the floodlight.
· An adjustable timer (5 Sec to 12 Minutes) lets you select how long the switch stays on.
· The sensitivity adjustment allows you to adjust the detection distance from 2m to 12m.
· Flood Light can be ON when body detectes it and will be OFF automatically after body leaves.

PIR Sensor working Principle:

· Passive infrared (PIR) sensors react to the infrared heat energy emitted by people.
· PIR sensors are passive devices in that they only detect radiation; they do not emit it.
· They are designed to be maximally sensitive to objects that emit heat energy at a wavelength of around 10 microns

Applications :

The most frequent use of the PIR sensor is as an ‘area’ sensor.

Whether it is to detect
§ Someone moving in the front yard, or
§ Walking through staircases
§ Toilets,
§ Kitchens,
§ Common Coridors and many others
· POWER – AC 220 – 240 V / 50HZ,
· Lighting Load – Max. 500W
· Detection Angle – Up to 360 degree at 20 degree celsius,
· Detection Distance – Up to 12m at 20 degree celsius,
· Mounting Height – Recommended 1.8 – 2 M (5.0 – 6.5 Ft) Wall Mount.
· Wall Switch Control – On/Off,
· Sensor Operation – Auto, Time Adjustment – 8+/-5 Sec to 12+/-4 Min,
· Lux Adjustment – Approx 5 – 1000 lux,
· Operating Temperature – 20 degree C – + 40 Degree C,
· Protection Class – Class 1.

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