Make Money Blogging- 8 Useful Tips for Bloggers to Earn More Income


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Tips on how to Generate more Income Online while Blogging your way


Things to know to apply a perfect marketing and SEO plan to your blog

Blog marketing is a system of branding product and adverting, publishing web content and business content for commercial and personal purpose. Blog is the smartest and updated way to make money online today for millions of bloggers all across the world.

Blog marketing and advertising is popular way of increasing your online earnings seriously . Bloggers are taking advantage of online marketing to gain huge profits in terms of web traffic, SEO, and monetization.

Blog ads mainly connect with banners, links, video and audio etc. blog marketing is integrated form of viral marketing.

There are many bloggers today who use WordPress blog for their professional business purpose, such as food blog. The blog marketing depends on your activity and trick how you monitor your handle the site.


#1. social media keyword search


Blog marketing is emerging day by day for its’ special feature. You know that blog posting and marketing basis on the unique content and advertising. For more view, like, comment and sharing you need to create social media keyword which helps to carry huge traffic.


When you make ads you should concern about the target and what keyword you select for your product. For all product and ads you need to pre-plan that you can get proper customer. You don’t worry about your position in the blog marketing place. You just need to wait and follow proper trick to get successful result.  SEO keyword need for get more view and take up high level of your site.



#2. Create unique content


Blog marketing mainly one king of content marketing which always depend on you’re planning in future blogging. You always try to make unique content. There are many topic in the relate to the blog marketing, such as article writing, video content, review content, etc.

all kind of content should need to be unique and attracting so that reader can get their proper need. When you make content, you should think about that SEO base and content base keyword for more visit and traffic. If you want to earn more $ you need more work, so that don’t worried about this.



#3. Use SEO tools


For landing and increasing blog marketing policy need to be huge skill about SEO. Each contents of the blog make follow some rule and guideline which can make success in your blog marketing life. You should use SEO tool in you blog content so that your content optimize easily in the top position.

For blog marketing you try to make best content and add smart description and use good image for tracking reader mind. SEO base content in your blog mainly depend on your creativity, you try to through more research about visitor need and thinking.


#4. Promote your content


This is an effective way to increase visitor and reader on your blog by promoting content. There is various ways to promote content; you can use different social media for promoting. And also can use $ for promoting, you need huge sharing and comment and review for more earnings from blog.

For blog marketing you always concern about to selecting topics which you choose and need to be more advanced for attach all situations. You try to avoid short time business; blog marketing is place for long-term business for all king of user. Social media help you to promote you content.


You know that people are so close to the social media; they easily see news feed and live stream in various social media such Facebook, twitter, Google+ and yahoo etc. if you don’t promote its to be difficult for emerge you advertising to apply your marketing strategy.

Most popular websites to make money as a writer


#5. Track your audience mind


In the blog marketing you need to be expert on SEO for understand the need of audience. Which topics listed for search engine in the high ranked. SEO skill helps you to know about audience mind. If you track audience mind and can make keyword through search engine base content gather huge traffic and make lots of $.

You should do more research about your topic and which content search by people largely. So for blog marketing you use skillful SEO and keyword, when you understand the ideology of people it make easy to create content for viewer.


#6. Guest post prefer


Guest post is another way to promote your blog. In this system you can create correlation with other blogger and reader. Guest posting may be an effective way for making good position on your blog. In several time guest post request comes from different way so if you use it properly, it give feedback for huge popularity in your blog.

Each blog marketing plan need make unique way so that easily you reach your goal. The guest posting, relevant comment and sharing need for you blog marketing.  You always try to be more responsive for the reader and through quick answer their question. It should obviously best way to improve you blog marketing.


#7. Use tags for advertising


Tagging is important part for content views increase. Tag help to your content at the top of Google search. It is very smart way to create unique SEO content to include some title tag and keyword which gather huge traffic. Reader can easily find their content for using tag by blogger.


For blog marketing such as wordpress blog or Google blog you obviously follow title tag for optimizing and good search result find out you content in the search engine.


#8. Avoid vague content and try to be unique


Vague and useless content always flop in the blog. Reader generally finds unique and real content. You try to create unique content regarding to thinking about the demand of reader. In the modern era people’s demand change day by day, you should need to attach the reader demand so that you can reach your goal easily.

Need to be huge patient for success in the blog marketing. You give more time to research on the content of your blog. You always keep in mind that blog is a platform for marketing and advertising


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