Why do people purchase ceiling fans?


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Ceiling fans are purchased for three important reasons:
Cooling: A ceiling fan moves counter-clockwise to cool and provides a breeze that makes the air feel cooler, even though they even at high speed, a ceiling fan typically uses less energy than a 100 watt light bulb. And they don’t actually lower the temperature.
Fashion: With the variety of modern fans and stylish models available today, finding one to fit your decor is easy. Ceiling fans add that extra “finished” decorative touch that helps make a beautiful statement in any room.
Heat Repossession: Small Ceiling fans can also guarantee proper airflow in solar and other alternative fuel heating environments. There will be no wind chill effect-the ceiling fan pushes warm air down from the ceiling. Heating bills will keeping the home warm and comfortable.
Fans move clockwise to move warm air down from ceiling.

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