5 Advertising and Marketing Methods for New Business Startup

Online marketing Tips to promote and advertise a new business in best ways possible

Are you starting with a new business and want it to be a huge success? Believe it or not, but all major businesses owe their grand success to the brilliant advertising and marketing strategies. If you are new in the market, and wish to cater to a bigger audience, then you need to opt for a perfect advertising strategy.  More importantly, you need to advertise your business well and in a cost effective manner.


 The Top 5 effective advertising techniques for promoting your business:

1- Make Appropriate and attractive headings and slogans for your business


Eye-catchy taglines– As the popular saying goes, “First impression is the last impression”; the first thing that your consumers notice is your first step to maintain contact with them. The headline is responsible for the adequacy of your commercial, according the professional advertising websites.


Attention Seeker- The headlines very soon capture the attention of the consumers and get a positive connection with them, if the headline for your business is appropriate and describe your good services in a short line.


Great Response- An effective headline in any form of advertising is a tool which can generate a great response from your consumers.


Sponsorships and Promotions– For a new business to get established in the market is very tough, so a proper advertising channel and marketing strategies will prove to be helpful in bringing your business to the higher level in the eyes of a consumer. One of the best techniques for promoting your business is the method of Cross Promotion.


Collaborations– In this method you can join hands with companies that supplement your items and administrations and it’s a perfect approach to increase the audience base. A well planned cross promotion with Partner Company can save a lot of money and can easily attract consumer from wide range.


Sponsorships– According to the business veterans, whenever two or more companies meet up to support an event in a gathering of related items, administrations, assets are pooled and costs are shared. In this way you would be able to advertise your company to greater audience and with lesser costs which is an additional advantage.


2 Advertising with the help of Social Media

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With the evolution of internet, technology has proved to be a boon to every new venture starting. The online social networks such as Twitter and Facebook can be the best tools for to advertise your new idea among masses.


  1. Cost- With the help of social media you can advertise your business without incurring high costs and still be able to cater to a large audience. Internet advertising with social networking, email and article marketing can make your business a success in very short span of time. This technique of advertising is almost cost-less with great effects.
  2. Increasing Awareness among consumers- The Business experts says that at least 70 percent of today’s consumers resort to doing online research before shopping, so marketing and advertising your products through social media will help you to reach wide variety of audiences.
  3. SEO and Content marketing- A well designed website with rich content that is resourceful and relevant puts forth your business significantly leaving a great impression before the consumer audience. The techniques like, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be incorporated in the content of your site as this technique will further broaden your reach.

So connect with your consumers directly and promote your business with the most effective way.


3. Premium methods


In the world of advertising, the term ‘Premium’ describes the company merchandise in the form of daily used items. Household items displaying company names, logos and information that are given away as free samples or as promotional gift are described as ‘premiums’.


  1. Investment– Undoubtedly, this way of advertising requires some investment but this method will leave a strong and long-lasting effect on consumers. You can make small investment in company merchandise such as coffee mugs, pens, hats, t-shirts, mouse pads, cigarette lighters or matchbooks. Distributing them among your consumers will create a good impression on them.
  2. Long term Effect– These sorts of things can create a long term impact in the hands of buyers and positively affect the psyches of the customers. Any product that you use with a brand name on it will make you choose it in future in time of need. So it’s a cost effective way of advertising and marketing method for promoting you business to great number of consumers.


4. Value Additions


This is one of the most powerful promotion tools for your business.


Increased Consumer Satisfaction– The value additions are very similar to the free services or discounts you offer to your consumers, but this tool aims at increasing customer satisfaction. The most common value additions are giving discounts to your consumers, guarantees, point cards and referral rewards.


Differentiate yourself from competitors- An effective value addition technique such as referral programs, buy back points, Silver and gold card customer ratings etc. are a way to attract consumers. Plan your technique in a way that it distinguishes you from your competitor and helps in widening the gap between you and your competitors.


5. Methods that involve No investments

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This method doesn’t involve any investment but then also can promote your business to larger audiences with long lasting effects. So when you are preparing your strategies for advertising your business don’t forget to highlight the value additions you are offering to the consumers.

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These are some of the best advertising tools to promote your business and services in a cost effective manner. This will not only help you in reaching to a greater number of consumers but also make your business a big success. A properly designed marketing and advertising technique can land your business among top startups in town. So plan your methods and techniques with doing effective research, manpower and resources, paving a way for yourself towards glory!


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