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 How to Make Money with Infobarrel Website?

InfoBarrel is an online website that is a popular platform for writers, media producers and other content developers who spend their time in writing articles and generating incredible content in order to spread their knowledge and educate different people around the globe. In return, InfoBarrel rewards them with 75% of the total advertising income which they can choose to either donate their income to charity and welfare, or build an income stream.


Content Type:

A writer can share his knowledge through this platform in the form of articles, images or videos and as a result you would be able to earn through Google AdSense. InfoBarrel has basic ten categories that are as following:

1. Business

Earning Process:

A writer can post any kind of content that doesn’t violate Infobarrel’s terms and conditions (Pornographic or Violent Content cannot be uploaded). After approval it is uploaded on the site. When a viewer clicks on an ad that’s displayed along your article on the page, InfoBarrel will let you earn three-fourth of what it takes in.

Watch this Informative and interesting Interview at YouTube with InfoBarrel Owner Ryan McKenzie :-


⇑ InfoBarrel Owner Ryan McKenzie


Earning at Infobarrel mainly involves 3 steps:


Steps to Make Money at Infobarrel


1. Registration:

You can register yourself at InfoBarrel for free. Enter the basic information and confirm your email and you got yourself registered at infobarrel.


2. Start Writing articles:

The next step is to share your knowledge, write articles and submit them and you can eveninsert photos and video clips and can affiliate links also.


3. Generate Income and keep growing it: 

Your article after approval will be posted on the InfoBarrel website. Now that is where your earning starts. 75% of the income gained through advertisements displayed by Google AdSense Network along the articles. To gain more viewers you can share these articles on different social media websites. Your earnings are transferred to your PayPal account.


Revenue Sharing Model:


Revenue Sharing at Infobarrel-300x200
Revenue Sharing Model at Infobarrel



The revenue sharing model of InfoBarrel is far better than other similar article sites. The writers, media publishers and content developers are transferred 75% of the Google Adsense revenue gained through their articles. Other similar article sites provide really less revenue as compared to InfoBarrel.

⇒ Visit here to know how to get a Google AdSense account


Revenue Sharing with Writers:


InfoBarrel shares revenue with its writers through 5 different streams, which are:


  1. Google AdSenseRevenue
  2. Amazon Affiliationrevenue
  3. Chitika Ad Revenue
  4. Affiliate links
  5. Referring new members


You can earn certain amount of money, when someone hits on an AdSense or Chitika ad within your article. If some viewer clicks on your Amazon ads within your article and within 24 hours of clicking your ad, they purchase anything from amazon, you would get some commission.

Referring new members is not probably a very high earning way as 2% extra from InfoBarrel’s share is transferred to the referrer. But something is better than nothing. In this way the chain of writers increases for InfoBarrel which ultimately increases their popularity around the globe.


Watch a useful Video and take advice and opinion on how much you can earn writing articles at Infobarrel :- 




How to increase InfoBarrel Income:


How to increase InfoBarrel Income-300x200
How to increase your Earnings at InfoBarrel


To increase you income through InfoBarrel , you can do multiple things like:


1. Adding Photos:


Photos are a fantastic way to catch ones eye, it would improve your article and would get you more viewers. The article with images also looks catchy when it is shared on different social sites like Facebook etc. But this is not the only use, the more photos you add the more are your earnings as each image has its own dedicated page with google AdSense ads on it, when images get indexed by Google Image search you can earn additional money off the images since.


In addition to increased revenue the photos will also help to drive some of the Google Image searchers from the image to the article you posted on the website.


2. Increasing your Revenue Share:


Despite InfoBarrel is offering reasonable percentage of what it takes it, but again a writer can increase his revenue share once he has gain enough popularity and reputation for InfoBarrel through his content. If you are writing a large number of articles monthly, you can increase the standard revenue from 75% up to 90% that will ultimately increase your earnings through InfoBarrel.


3. Sharing your article On Social Networks:


To get more viewers, you can share your published article on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. If your article is found interesting by your circle it would get shared by others, thus increasing the viewer circle. And ultimately, more the clicks are more is the income.


4. Use Google Analytics:


To get more clear info and stats regarding your each articles regardless of how many articles you publish, you need to integrate your Google AdSense account with Google Analytics. You can use this info to know that what articles readers are finding interesting, so that you can write on related trendy topics to get more viewers.


How to Integrate Google Analytics with your Infobarrel site?

Watch this Video of 1 Minute at YouTube to learn How can you Add Google Analytics to your account at Infobarrel-

( Learn How to make Money at YouTube )


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