Lead Generation- 4 Killer Tips to Increase your Website Conversion rates

Increase your Website Conversion rates with these 4 Killer Tips and get Started on generating qualified leads instantly

In attempt to transform more visitors to the customers, almost all the websites are focusing on conversion optimization. This attempt directly impact the final number of total sales and qualified leads. After all, lead generation is the ultimate goal every web site wants to achieve as soon as possible. Leads and sales may be of different shapes and forms, but the end result is the same: benefits!

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Yes, you heard it right. Conversion optimization is becoming one of the most important priorities of digital companies/ marketers. Every business is set up with the aim to make maximum out of it. 

This can only be possible when you serve your customers right and use tools and techniques that can support you grow. Conversion optimization rate is a metric that decides your digital marketing success in the existing competitive world. 

Let us take a look at some of the tips to increase your website conversion rate and hence the leads and sales:-

4 Primary methods to Increase Website Conversion Rates

Conversion Optimization is indispensable for a successful website marketing strategy. Nail it with these following killer tips:-

1- Goals On Website Footer

Goals could be business related or customer goals. Lead generation or sales could be the business goals and contacting customer service could be the goal for your customers.
The website must be such that makes it easier to accomplish both types of goals whether business or customer. You can make the goals aligned that could ultimately help you as well as your customers like asking for customers information when allowing to download certain file be it video, topic or others that customer is in need of.

You can increase & just double your conversion rate by writing down & adding all the business and customer goals that goes aligned to your website footer.

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2- Pop Up Banner


Implementing a pop banner on your most visited pages would work wonders for you in increasing conversion rate.

If used effectively these can lead to a huge impact on your marketing needs. If you are promoting something, it could be your brand, product, new additional features of the product, events, offers or others then pop up banners can work extremely well for you.

It is not only an effective marketing tool but much more than that. You must check out what pages your visitors visit more often and that you consider as the top pages of your website & then you must add pop up banners to those pages. The intention behind these pop up banners is to attract web traffic, get leads & convert them into customers.

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3- A/B Testing

By following the aforesaid tips you will have enough of traffic on your website. Once you successfully gather this traffic now it’s the time to conduct A/B testing. You just have to test the form. Whether you any well proved method of testing or not hardly matters here. 

You must add variations to the test and see what works best for you. Moreover test your website’s most visited web forms where usually traffic is more. 

Try with two-three variations. These could be like removing something from the page and adding something more creative to it, making changes in the banners, text or others etc. Whatever gets you huge traffic and more valuable data, stick to that format. 

4- Thank You Page

 Your website must have a thank you page irrespective of whether it’s a lead generation site or e-commerce. Yes, landing on thank you page make a huge impact on customers.
Do not just give up on this front thinking it would cost you unnecessarily. Even a basic thank you page would do here than no thank you page at all. But moreover try to add goals as footer on your thank you page as well rather than keeping it blank.

You need to identify the top notch goals of yours (5 or 6) and add their links on your thank you pages on your website. You will notice a drastic impact on conversion rate as well as goals accomplishment. It will increase threefold.

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