Top 5 Websites for Writers for Making Money Online without Investment

5 Most Popular Sites to Make Money Online as a Writer. Online Writing Jobs without Investment and registration fees.


Get paid to Write articles Online. List of Best Websites for Writers for Making Money Online without any Investment and Fees.


Earning online is a great way to make money these days but you need to put in a lot of effort to be productive. A lot of schemes and money making websites captivate you to sign up and earn money but most of them are scams.

However, many trusted money making websites are also there to help you earn money through different professions and secured channels. A very productive way of earning money online is writing.

If you are able to write, you have a chance of making a lot of money. You can work with the suitable clients on your desired websites and get paid easily.

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Top 5 Online Writing Jobs Sites for Writers to Earn Regular Income without Investment:




Freelancer is a worldwide famous website that connects freelancers and clients and offers a lot of different type of jobs. They don’t charge you anything for registration. If you are a writer and want to earn money online, this could be a perfect website for you to find a client and start earning.

Freelancer also provides you with massive jobs on a long term basis some of which demanding even 500 articles to be written. You can use you writing skills to impress your clients to even earn bonuses and good job reviews. All that money making options without any investment required.

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2. Paying to the Highest Number of Writers on the Internet 


Upwork is also a well-known website for making money online if you are looking for writing jobs. Upwork offers a variety of writing jobs that can easily be accomplished and get you paid. The websites allows you to do more than one job at a time that can be helpful for you financially if your earnings from one job are not enough.

A freelancer can apply for a different range of projects that are either large or small, short termed or long termed and can also be team based or for an individual. You can also impress the client by informing him with your writing skills in your cover letter and get hired for a long period of time.

 Freelance Writing Jobs Online at Upwork

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3. Listverse- Get $100 per list


Listvesrse acquaints users with different listings, as suggested by its name. The site brings listing on different niches for the user. Top ten lists are uploaded daily on the site,relating to distinct niches. Along with the listings, the site also posts the related content.

Listverse has a distinct feature ‘write and get paid’, that allows the writer to produce the list of top 10 unique articles which can be highly informative for thousands of readers. If you are good at writing, have a good taste of creativity and can create distinctive and unique articles, then is the best place for you to get paid for your skills.


It pays you 100 dollars for your effort regardless of you being an expert. Certain rules are to be followed to get your lists published. Good English skills, a sense of humor and a love for unusual or interesting things are the essentials. Your great writing skills can get you paid in no time through your Paypal account.

 Write and Get Paid at ListVerse

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4- Cracked: Get paid Online by writing Humorous articles


Cracked is a prominent and trendy humor website that captivates thousands of users every moment because of the humor it provides to its readers. A lot of photos, articles and videos posted on crack go viral on the social media as well.

If you have a good sense of humor and able to express it in words, Cracked is a popular website for making money online as a writer. The trick to earn well on Cracked is to write a humorous article and make the readers enjoy. The website also organizes various contests to make you earn extra.

Adding Funny videos can also help you make money, Top quality Content will ensure your success on this site and allow you to earn online with ease. Only the best articles are published after the approval from the editors of the site and only then you get paid.

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5- for topic specific expert writers



about-com website for writers-530x327 A Great site for Expert Writers is the largest network of authority and expert content writers on the Internet world. It needs topic specific highly skilled freelance writers.

This website is not for novice or intermediate kind of writers. You need to be a highly skilled writer to get a position at It has more than 90 million monthly unique visitors and well over than 1,000 expert writers!


About is also a leading and approved site consisting of multi-niche articles. It provides valued content for its users. Freelance writers write most of the content posted on this website. About refers them as Guides.  These are professionals in their specified fields.

Freelance writers are the paid by the site for the content they write. Being a guide demands to be proficient and experienced in the field.But before you are hired on about as a guide, you have to go through a selection process.

Whether you are a newcomer or a well-known freelance writer, the chase for more work is always present. All the above mentioned websites are a combination of marketplaces and popular sites for making money online as a writer that allow you to find the suitable clients interested in your articles and ensure your good earning.

 Writer for

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