ClixSense -How to Make Money Online Working on ClixSense Website

Simple and easy way to earn money online from home


Clixsense is one of the best websites through which everyone can make good amount of money. It is very simple and easy to use. You just need to register an account and verify it. After then you can immediately start working on it. There system is very transparent and accurate in terms of capturing your work details and processing the payments.


Even the affiliates are also earning good online income from it by just referring other members to it. But, this is not a case with naive users. Because it takes a good knowledge of content writing and affiliate marketing which is out of scope for most of the beginners!

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There are 4 main ways to make money with ClixSense


  1. Pay Par Click – ad watching, ad clicking,paid per click advertising
  2. paid surveys,
  3. Playing games at ClixSense
  4. Referral income, and
  5. free offers.

How to make money with ClixSense?


First, you have to register with your email address and you will get a confirmation email and then you have to update the information in your account regarding payment method through which you want to receive the earned money and security question, etc.


Register Here Free at Clixsense to make money online in a simple way


Then you will find an option, click on the options “View ads” click on that option, you will find the list of ads on which you have to click for earning the money.


Clixsense membership chart 3 -ways to make money with ClixSense



Usually they pay $0.01 for clicking each of the ads. It is very simple, just click on the ads and wait for the duration for viewing the ad and then close it. You have now successfully earned the money and it would add to your account. When your amount reaches to $6 and you have premium account then you can withdraw the money or if you have standard accounts, then you can withdraw money when the earned amount reaches to $8.


It is a wonderful option for those people who want to earn money online without investing money. Even those people can also earn money through Clixsense who do not have any skills for earning money online.


You can find many types options on this website for regarding the ads in which you have to click as per the instructions. You cannot close the ads before the time of closing otherwise, you will not be given the money. You have to be very quick and act according to the site’s instructions for earning.


Even you can participate in the contest for earning more than $100. Apart from this, there are many other options available for earning the money just you need to read out instructions perfectly so that you can come to know each and everything about this particular website and working accordingly.


How ClixSense Website Earns Money for itself?


If you want to advertise your ads, then you can contact with them because people are watching real ads. Basically, this process has made only for increase the website traffic. Those websites which have the high traffic, Google increases their search engine ranking for certain keywords.

Therefore, most of the websites use this website for increasing the referral and organic traffic to their web pages. This is quite cheaper way to paid or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

Who uses ClixSense for Pay Par Click (PPC) Advertising?

Not every kind of website owners use ClixSense for PPC ads, but there are some certain kinds of websites that fit perfectly for this system.

What kinds of websites are these? 

  1. Paid traffic ad networks and cheap traffic selling sites.
  2. Affiliate and referral based websites use it for generating traffic and leads.
  3. Online products selling sites take their cheaper advertising services to increase their sales and online presence.
  4. Business service providing sites and the kind of the sites which use adverts on their sites.


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