Ways to Earn Income Online as a Social Media Marketer | Tips for Making Money

Tips to Make Money Online from various Popular social media sites


Social Media and social media marketing are the standard terms today. In present date, every single business person promotes his business on social media platforms to get attention and an immense amount of profit as well. Thus, one that becoming social media marketer can prove to be a good career option. Yes, you have heard it right, but the question is not here which career to choose but is that How to make money with social media platforms being a social media marketer.

If you are also questing about the same, then let I tell you the Ways to Earn Income as a Social Media Marketer. 



8 Ways to Get paid Online as a Social media promoter:


  1. With Affiliate Marketing



Earn money from affiliate programs by promoting them via social media marketing


Affiliate Marketing is among one of the best ways to become a part of Social media money system. You can earn handsome amount of profit or commission by selling affiliate products on social media platforms which are present around many popular e-commerce sites, like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay , and a many more of the same domain. You should also join products online marketplaces that are dedicated to affiliates, like Clickbank.com, Commission Junction (CJ.com), etc.


In this, whenever a user clicks on the link shared by you on your social media platforms or a review shared by you on your blog (with the link to the product in the review post) & makes a purchase through it then you get a particular commission on that sale. You can earn money from Amazon as a social media marketer by promoting and selling eBooks from others.


  1. With YouTube and other Video Sharing sites


How you can use Youtube Social Video Media for Making Money


Youtube Videos and other video sharing sites are also among one of the excellent ways to Earn Income on Social Media being a social media consultant. By becoming a partner with YouTube, by providing video tutorials related to the services & products of the brand you are working for, by sharing videos like Top 10, How to, etc.

Also by promoting products & services on other video sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. by sharing videos and selling respectively.

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  1. With Pinterest and Instagram



how to Use Instagram and Pinterest to Make Money



Yes, Pinterest and Instagram are also known platforms through which social media marketers can make money.  With Pinterest, you can promote the products and services as well of different brands which are visually appealing. You can do it by pinning the images of the products and services of the brand you are promoting with different followers you have.

Once it becomes viral, you can earn a huge amount of money with Pinterest Marketing to have an absolutely good living. With Instagram you can do affiliate marketing, create sponsored posts etc.

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  1. With Flickr


Flickr is one of the known social platforms for sharing of different kinds of amazing pictures. And you can also make money with social media platform we just talked about. Yes, with Flickr you can sell rights to your photos (To know more about creative commons go through the link.).

Although it won’t provide you money, with these pictures, you can get an expose of your photos to huge audience base and hence in this way can get the customers.


  1. With Sponsorships


Sponsorship programs are also amid the ways on how to make money on social media platforms as a social media marketer. It is quite simple as the brands will pay to you for being associated with them. In more simple words they will sponsor you for working with them for featuring their products or services.


  1. With Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are also one of the best ways to make money with social media sites. Facebook Ads are like a fishing net. With outstanding Fishing Ads, you can make people purchase the products of the brands you are promoting or also can your products via Facebook Ads and can earn good amount with every purchase made by clicking on your ads.


  1. With Sponsored Tweets


Sponsored Tweets, yes with sponsored tweets you can also earn a nice amount of money and can have good living with that. All you need to do to make money from sponsored tweets is that you have to apply for sponsored tweet program.

But before applying to sponsored tweets program keep in mind that your account should be 120 days old at least and have a good amount of followers so that providers of sponsored tweets need not keep you away from their program.

And once you got your account approved for the program then publish the Sponsored Posts ( tweets, Ads, etc.) to earn the handsome amount.


  1. By Promoting Your Editorial Skill


Yes by promoting your editorial skills over social media platforms you can also earn money.  If you have outstanding editorial skills, then any good brand will hire you for your services by the means of these platforms and then you can get paid in which you are an expert.

Thus earning money with social media platforms is not that tough but also not that easy at the same. All you need to do so to work with complete dedication to getting the results and earn the money. Hope this article on Tips to Make Money with Social Media as a social media marketer will help you.


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