Make Money Online- 5 Real Online Jobs To Earn Without Being Scammed!

5 Genuine and real ways to make money on the Internet


You hear a lot about work-at-home scams and job opportunities that seem too good to be true. With all that focus on avoiding scams, it might seem like there are no real jobs you can do form home. That is simply not true, and many people have been happily working online from their homes and earning a good living for years.

Sorting out the scams from the legitimate opportunities can be tough, but you can indeed make a living without leaving your home.


These five jobs categories are really good places to get started:-


#1 Google AdSense


Earning online money from Google Inc is one of the most desirable online jobs worldwide. You need to have a blog or website that gets good search engine traffic and it abides by the content policies set by Google Adsense . If you don’t have a blog or website, you can start from the scratch today and can easily start writing blog posts if you have the writing skills.


You can write on any topic which is close to your heart . Once you have enough content (10-15 blog posts) on your blog then you should apply here for a Google AdSense account .


#2— Virtual Assistant


In a traditional office setting, this job might be called a secretary or an administrative assistant. Virtual assistants perform many of the same tasks, but they do it remotely. Virtual assistants help their bosses with everything from preparing paperwork and drawing up contracts to contacting clients and making phone calls. If you are detail oriented and highly organized, a career as a virtual assistant could be a good fit.


It is helpful to have some real-world experience where seeking a job as a virtual assistant. It helps to be flexible as well. Since virtual assistants work for a wide variety of companies. Some virtual assistants work for-large multinational corporations, while others work at start-up firms and even for individuals.

Learning to juggle multiple tasks and handle tight deadlines will help you succeed as a virtual assistant.


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#3 — Freelance Writer


Quality writing is important, and there will always be a need for people who can turn a great phrase or help companies promote their products. The Internet has allowed companies to outsource much of their writing needs, from advertising copy to brochure production. If you have solid writing skills, you might be able to make a good living as a freelance writer.


Some freelance writers work for corporations, often in the marketing department. Others work in IT, serving as technical writers or creating software manuals. Still others work directly with online clients, producing web content and advertising materials. Many freelance writers have to juggle multiple clients to make a living, so flexibility and creativity are valuable traits.


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#4 — Online Tutor


If you have a background in teaching, you could find work as an online tutor. Many different educational organizations employ online instructors and tutors. Traditional high schools and colleges might use online tutors to help struggling students catch up or gifted ones get ahead. Online charter schools employ teachers who present materials online.


Test-prep companies employ online instructors and tutors to help teenagers prepare for the SAT and other standardized tests. Many online tutoring and instructor jobs require a teaching credential, so you may need to check out the requirements carefully before you apply. You may also need to take a test to prove your qualifications before being hired.


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#5 — Customer Service


Lots of companies, from mail-order businesses and online fulfillment centers to airlines and rental car agencies, employ customer service representatives who work, from home. Some businesses use these home workers to supplement their-office staff, while others use online customer service representatives exclusively.


If you want to work as a home-based customer service representative, you will need to do your homework and find out which companies offer such opportunities. Much of the information is freely available online, and business publications can provide additional leads. You will need a strong background in customer service, or at least a desire to learn.


Many companies offer their own specific training, programs for new hires, and others use screening programs and tests to find the most qualified candidates.


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