Top 5 Websites to Earn Money Online in India Working from Home Without Investment

Best Sites to Make Money Online- Top 5 Genuine Online Money Earning Sites in India for Everyone!


Looking for some Genuine online jobs websites in India where you could generate a good Income on monthly basis? Want to know the list of the best sites where most of the online users are already generating good cash working from their home?

Read this article carefully and register on these good, genuine, and reliable sites to start getting paid from home based work of your choice. None of the site would ever ask any money or investment from you for doing any of the online jobs they offer!

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Introduction – Tips to make money on the Internet in India


This is the age of entrepreneurs, of people who take a dare to establish a business. The thing about entrepreneurs is that they stand not only to earn money but a long term successful online career.

Anyone who does freelancing can earn up to a level. But the most successful ones give value to their clients and customers. The satisfaction of clients is what they live for.


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Nowadays, more and more people in India are opting to work from home full time or part time. With the constant development of the web, and with so many avenues for earning, this has become quite easy. In this article, we shall see 5 ways or tips by which you can start earning soon!




3 Genuine Sites to Make real money in India without Investment required







Upwork or formerly oDesk is easily the most popular avenue for earning online these days. While there are many sites where freelancers and companies gather to exchange work, what sets Upwork apart is that it is more secure and Genuine in every way.

For instance, if there is a dispute between you and your client, the staff of the website takes up the case. You are therefore more likely to get paid here than on other sites.

Another thing that sets it apart is that you need to give several multiple choice exams within your sphere of service. As you can understand, the more you score on these exams, you get the chance to bag high-paying clients. The reason for this is not far to seek.


If you were a client, you’d desire the one most qualified one. Signing up is very easy. However, remember that before getting started you will need to give your exams. Nothing actually stops you from seeking out work without giving them anything for registration. However, people will pay more attention to you if you do it. For this, you need to score Above Average.


In order to get clients or a project, you need to bid for this. If your bid is better than your competitors, the client shall choose you.

[ visit Upwork ]







This website is one of the most popular ones among freelancers. This is because it is quite easy to find work here. Fiverr works in its own unique way. Every unit of your work has a basic value of $5. For instance, if you are writing one article or one blog, you charge $5. As you get more experienced and have more credentials, you can charge as much as #25!




Fiverr is popular not only among writers but among graphic designers, transcriptionist, online personal secretaries and much more!

Visit  Fiverr 




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This is not as well known as the others freelance websites. However, it has become very popular among Indians. On Listverse , you do not have to search for a client. The website is the only client you have to worry about. Basically, you have to write an article of 1500 words.

The article needs to be about 10 interesting points. There is no deadline either and for the website gives you $100 for every accepted post. For best results, try to write about things which are not already on the internet. Make it as interesting and informative as possible.

Visit Listverse 




#4. Affiliate Marketing- Earning without Paying Anything



This is a very popular way to earn money. The trick, however, is that you need a lot of patience for this type of work. It all depends on how much effort you are putting in and whether or not you are using the latest techniques. All you need to do is to see which products are popular at e-commerce stores and write about them on your website.


However, that is not all. On the same page, you also give links to those products so that in case your readers are induced to buy, they can do so quickly before their attention gives away. When visitors click your links, they are taken directly to the appropriate product page on e-commerce sites where they can make a purchase.


Websites like Amazon pay as much as 12% in commission on a successful purchase. Selling eBooks on Amazon has been a great source of online income for many all across the World including India.


#5. Social Media Platforms to Make Money by your Own



Social media sites have become hub of earning money, directly or indirectly. We will describe each way in details.


Indirect ways of earning from Social media Sites: 


In this way sellers, businesses, entrepreneurs, agents, and professionals promote their business or skills to generate leads for their business or freelancing services.

For en example, a blogger or webmaster uses social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter to share their blog posts. They promote their content to FB pages, Groups, and Profiles. In this way they get clicks and hence visitors from the social networking sites back to their blog or website.

Now, they are either selling/referring products or displaying ads to the visitors. So, if a visitor takes an action then they earn money.

Hence, in this way social media sites are used as an indirect way to create money.


Direct Ways of earning money from Social Media Sites:


Here, the money is earned directly from social media sites in money ways. One of them is selling products on social networking sites by opening online shopping stores there.

For an example, you can open an online store at Facebook and can make money by selling your products there.


Tips for Making money online with Social Media Sites




#6. Be a Social Media Manager



Today, social media has entered into every walk of life. Every business and brand in India rely on social media marketing and they want to utilize this opportunity to their advantage. Marketing on social media platforms does not cost you anything and the leads from the networking sites are easier to create.


That’s why everyone who want to market or promote anything goes to the top  social media platforms as these are the places where most of the people on the Earth could be found without any physical boundaries.


How to become a Social Media Manager:


There are local businesses, product suppliers, dealers, entrepreneurs, influential people, and politicians i your local areas who need to market over social media. For an example, almost every party and politicians, MLA, etc have their social media accounts over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc. They need someone who can write and promote on their behalf. You can use the power of networking and contact such persons and be a social media manager and negotiate the prices accordingly.


#7.  Become an Online Freelance Video Editor


Video editors are in great demand today. The reason is simple: videos are in trends today. They are used for so many reasons. Businesses, professionals, and Youtubers use videos. If you know the video editing then you can offer your services to businesses and social media professionals, and marketers.


For an example, Youtube is one of the biggest platform for making genuine and good money on the Internet. The people who upload videos and earn from them are called professional Youtubers. There numbers is in millions worldwide. Not every Youtuber know about the art of video editing. You can grab the opportunity and earn a handsome money out of this profession.


Finding clients or customers must not be difficult if you are confident of your skills and work ethics. You can contact such Youtubers on Youtube and other social media sites.

Other way is that you can register on Freelancing sites, Micro job sites or gig based sites and offer your services there.

The most rewarding way would be starting your own website and offering services on fixed prices. You would be in full charge and control of how much charge and what to offer. Then get relevant traffic to this site. To get good traffic you can use several methods. The quickest method will be paid online advertising. Find here a list of paid advertising sites.


More Sites to earn Online from Home without paying a dime!


YouTube– a world popular Video watching Platform from Google. It is quite obvious that people earn consistent home based income from YouTube by uploading videos and then promoting them to get more visits and views on them.

In this way they have more users to watch the ads placed on their videos and they earn when someone clicks or watch the adverts embedded in the videos.

Useful links to earn money from your Videos-



Qmee India-  Qmee is another genuine site in the series where you can do simple tasks and generate good amount of income in the form of gift cash credits. Visit here to know more about Qmee India on how to earn cash from it


ClixSense Though, Clixsense is not a site where you could make a lot of money. It is  site where you could earn cash in your free time and it can give you some idea and inspiration to earn money on the Internet. You could do small time online jobs, like- watching ads, clicking ads, reading emails, survey form filling , etc. Find out how to make money on ClixSense Wisely.


Paid Surveys: You may already have heard that people also generate money on the Internet with paid survey sites. That could be a good option to earn income regularly in your part time till you get a stable online job. But, you need to watch out and review the sites you join for ‘get paid online survey’ work. For your convenience and reference i am listing here top 5 such sites that offer online paid survey jobs in India.


Online writing Jobs  Are you a writer? then there lie outstanding chances for you to create a consistent and regular earning streams sitting at home. There are hundreds of ways and thousands of websites that pays for content writing assignments. Start from easy sites and once you develop the skills you could make any amount. Sky is the limit for this kind of online writing jobs in India!

Visit here to find a list of the 5 best sites for earning online writing articles without paying anything


Mix and Match

While trying to make a living, you never know which avenue for earning clicks with you. Therefore, you may want to combine all of the above, or just mix them into your own combination.

⇒ Best websites in India to earn money as a Freelancer

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Tips on how to make money online in India without paying anything


Most of the sites that say that you can make money without any skills are just hiding the facts to attract the people who dont have much skills of online work. They want to take advantage of their ignorance. Well, if someone claims something unbelievable or impractical things then dont believe their promises without researching about what they are saying.

And, most important point to notice is that all of such sites ask for money for registration to provide online jobs. This is not fair.

You should also check if there are any complaints about the company or not by visiting consumer forums.

Such as-  and and is also a great site for company reviews. Read reviews about a company before paying to it for registration. Visit the site here-



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