New Google AdSense Account- Tips for Applying and Being Approved

What to Know Before You Apply for Google AdSense Program for publishers?


Using Google AdSense on your website or blog is one of the best ways for earning money online without any investment.

One of the most critical factors to look at before submitting, your website is the spelling and grammar used throughout the site. It may mere obvious, but it is amazing how many website owners fail to take this simple step.


Even if a site riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes were to somehow make it through Google’s screening process. Such a site is unlikely to garner the confidence of website visitors. Without capturing the confidence and imagination of visitors, it will be virtually impossible to make any significant AdSense revenue.

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Things to do before you submit your first site to the Google AdSense program.


When looking at your own site, be sure to put yourself in the place of the average visitor. This can be hard to do, but it is an important step. Look at the site as if you were evaluating a site you knew nothing about. Look critically at the site and look for places where the design could be improved.


Is the navigation intuitive and easy to use, or is it a struggle to find what you need? Is there an easy way to search for information? Do all the links work properly or are there dead links that need to be removed? It is critical to address any website usability issues before you submit your site for approval or place your first ad block.

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It may be helpful to have a friend or family member look at your site .They would provide some feedback. If you can have a computer savvy friend or family member look at the site, he or she may be able to provide some critiques you may not have thought of.

It is important that all levels of users, from the newbie to the most experienced web user. be able to derive a benefit from your site. Taking the time to perform this kind of review can greatly enhance the potential for success in the AdSense program.


Before submitting a site for Google, it is also important to keep in mind that Goggle has gotten quite good at ferreting out, and quickly rejecting, those sites that have been specifically designed to boost search engine rankings and attract spiders. Those sites that are designed to trick website visitors into clicking ads are also quickly rejected.


First of all, think about your readers, so write quality and readable content and then optimize your content according to search engine ranking algorithms. Don’t forget that you are writing for humans and not for search engine bots. But, optimizing your content as per good SEO techniques is equally necessary. Otherwise where will you find enough readers to read your quality content.


The Bottom line : Keep a healthy balance


It would also be a mistake to build a website purely to benefit from AdSense revenue. That is because it is important to fill the site with plenty of high quality content in order to make it successful, and in order to do that it is helpful to build a site that is of interest to you.


Building a site around a hobby, a passion or a business, and providing lots of useful tips and insights, is one of the best ways to not only get your site approved but make it a successful AdSense revenue generator as well.


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Google AdSense Tips – Why You Need Good Content


If there was only one tip i could provide to participants in the Google AdSense program it would be this — focus on the content of your website. It is vital for any website owner who plans to enjoy significant revenue from the program to provide a useful and informative Internet experience to visitors, and those who fail to take their visitors into account are unlikely to succeed in the program.


In addition to failing to focus on content, many beginning web based entrepreneurs fall into the trap of including a huge number of keywords, in the hope that this strategy will boost search engine rankings and in turn enhance Google AdSense revenue. The problem, with this strategy, of course, is that simply bringing in new visitors will do nothing to boost revenue.


In order to enjoy enhanced Google AdSense results, it is important that those visitors remain at your site long enough to look at, and click on, the ads hosted on the site.


It is important, therefore, for website owners to provide their visitors with a pleasant experience, .d one of the best ways to accomplish that goal is through the use of articles, tutorials and other useful content tailored to the subject of the website. This content will not only provide visitors with the content they need, but it will also help Google more easily and accurately index and categorize your site. This in turn will help to provide even more targeted ads and that can in turn boost revenues even more.


Fortunately there are many ways for Google AdSense participants, website owners and webmasters to get the quality content they need, and it is not necessary for those individuals to become experts on hundreds of different subjects. Many successful Google AdSense participants host many different websites, and producing their own content on an ongoing basis would be prohibitively time consuming and difficult.


It is possible, however, to outsource this important job to professional writers, and there are many article writing services to be found on the Internet. These professional content writers are able to provide the targeted, accurate and timely content needed at affordable prices. This in turn frees the webmasters and website owners to focus their energies on the effective marketing of their website and the boosting of their AdSense revenues.

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