How to Make Money from YouTube and Other Video Uploading Sites (Vimeo, Dailymotion )

Best Ways to make money online with Video Submission Sites Similar to YouTube.


There are many ways through which an individual can earn money online in present date. As we are living in the digital age, there are limitless ways to make money by being digital. The ways through which one can make money includes many different options like by doing freelancing on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, freelancer, online ebooks incomes, blogging and many more options. Read here 10 ways to make passive income from the Internet .


Earning from YouTube videos and other similar sites is also among one of those ways of making money online without any investment. Thus, what are the methods through which an individual or a company can earn a handsome amount of money?


Let I explain you the ways below:-


How to Make Money Online with Video Uploading sites

Outstanding Videos Are the Prime Need


It is an undeniable fact that “Efforts Always Pays Off” and it applies in the case of YouTube Videos as well. So the first and foremost important step towards earning money from YouTube videos are to create amazing, eye-catching and sense full videos for which your audience is looking for.


A video or a channel can’t get fame, name, and subscribers and off course money until it hasn’t something valuable to show. Thus, the creation of outstanding videos is the primary need to get succeeded in the aim of earning money online from YouTube.

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YouTube Monetization or Partnership with YouTube


Yes, YouTube Monetization is one of the best ways to make money from YouTube videos. In which YouTube places ads on your videos ( during, after or at the end of the videos ), and you will get paid each thousand views on your videos. You need a Google AdSense account for that. You can visit here to get tips about applying for a new Google AdSense account

Again #1 condition applies here that only an outstanding video can get thousand of views in the short span of time or couple of days.


By Getting Sponsors for Your videos


Get Sponsors for videos by signing up for the sponsors Program. It is also one of the ways to earn money from YouTube. If you have an eminent channel or videos, then you can apply for signing up to the sponsors program. In which they will advertise their services and products to your audience base either at the beginning, at the end of your video and you will get paid for that.


By Providing Freemium of Your Products and Services


Going freemium is one of the ways which is in trend and the best way to compel your audience towards your paid service. The freemium works best as everybody likes free, and if once they find your freemium good enough to fulfill their requirements they will not be uncertain to pay for your services.

In this way, you can get leads for your business and earn handsome amount of money. So, providing freemium of services up to an extent where the user comes to know about your services to a level where he wants to find out more and ready to pay for it, is the smart deal.

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Making Money on Youtube by Becoming an Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate Marketing is also a good option to earn money from your YouTube videos. You can become a voice for their products and services with your videos. You can do it by mentioning their products or services within your video and even also can create complete videos just about it. And if you have a blog or website based on your affiliate products then you can give the direct links of them in the “Video Description ” space.

In this way you can drive really interested users back to your original site where they can learn more about such products and can make one or two sales. You get commissions easily from these sales.

For every sale made by your affiliate marketing you get your commission which tends to have a good sum of money in general.


Some other Ways to Make Money Online From Other Video Sites


Apart from YouTube, there are so many other video websites are available through which one can earn money online. How it is possible to let I explain you with the following details:-

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By Dailymotion Video Uploading Platform:-



Dailymotion-Video-Platform-to make money uploading videos-300x200
Make Money Online at Dailymotion by uploading videos


The process is quite simple in Dailymotion to make money from videos. For every submission which has a good number of views, in short, a popular video, the maker of the video gets money from any advertising income generated through it.

Dailymotion allows uploading videos for monetization for the following categories-


  • Movies, Travel
  • Webcam, celeb
  • Lifestyle and How to
  • News and Music
  • Creative and Sports
  • Tech and TV
  • Comedy and Entertainment
  • Cars and Gaming
  • Animals
  • Education
  • Kids

Enable monetization for your Videos at Dailymotion


By Uploading Videos at Vimeo:-



make money uploading videos online at Vimeo-259x194
make money with your videos Vimeo


Vimeo on Demand is a platform where you can sell your videos. People are making really good money by selling their videos to the buyers. You can also charge from your viewers basis on a paid subscription. People are selling videos in different categories, including movies, documentary, course series, etc.


Vimeo is also a good option to make money from Videos as Vimeo provides 85% of it to the video owners or producers. It works entirely different from Dailymotion and YouTube in such a way that the viewers of the videos have the choice of paying a tip to a video ranging from $1 to $500. And from this tip money Vimeo pays to the video producers.

Visit Vimeo on Demand to make money with your videos



Make Money online at Viddler


Viddler is again a good option to earn money from videos. If you have videos, and you don’t want to give away them for free, then Viddler is the platform for you. Yes, here you can sell access of your video to the channel on the weekly or monthly basis and can get paid for videos.


Hope that this post will prove to be helpful for all who want to make money from YouTube and other video sites. So please let me know in the comment section how it goes with your videos by following the above article.

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