How To Make Money Online As A Virtual Assistant Working from Home

Tips for Making Money from Home being an Online Virtual Assistant. Best Work from Home Websites to get paid doing Virtual Assistant Jobs Online.


With the advancement of digital media and widespread of internet technology, the online virtual assistant job is a lucrative option to make money online. The virtual assistant job allows you to earn money without being in an office and let you finish the job at your home, at your convenience.

The flexibility nature of the job attracts many homemakers, unemployed people, students and employees who look for part time job during their leisure time.

Many of you might be wondering what actually a virtual assistant is and confused how to make money doing online virtual assistant jobs? Is there real money involved in this business and people are making money, would be your another question, and you would naturally be skeptical about the job.

What is Virtual Assistant?

The job involves, offering service to employees without being physically present in the employer’s office and doing all kind of office work.  The job will include, answering telephone calls, communicating with clients, maintaining office files, managing accounts, compiling various information, internet marketing and much more.

 The options are enormous and any job that can be done remotely, without being physically present in the employer’s office falls under Virtual Assistant job.

It allows a lot of freedom to the employers because they do not have to maintain an office.  The option is ideal for busy professionals, business owners and employers who travel a lot and do the business.  The cloud-based internet facilities and file sharing services contribute a lot to make the virtual assistant job a reality allowing people to deliver their potential for the complete satisfaction of the employers.

Employers will have the opportunity to monitor their business activities, daily reports, and cash flow details by sitting in different part of the world and even while they are on the move. The virtual assistant job is something similar to business process outsource ( BPO) with a lot of flexibility for the employees whom can discharge the job responsibilities in a very flexible term, and convenience.

Are you ready for an online Virtual Assistant job?

Well, if you are planning to take up a virtual assistant job, make sure that you are ready to accept the job and you have the time and facilities required for the job. Most of the virtual assistant job required schedule adherence, and you should be loyal to your dispositions.  Because the job involves, replying to voicemails, communicating with clients, translations, etc., requires proper attention promptly.

What are the necessary facilities needed for accepting a Virtual Assistant job?

Since it will be a home based job, you should have a proper environment in your home where you can comfortably engage with the job.  Primarily, you should have a high-speed internet connection with a good computer, preferably with up to date processor.  Let the computer be any brand, but it must have a good processor and configurations to support your job.

In addition, you should have a facsimile machine, photocopier, telephone with ISD facilities, and some stationery like a pen, pencil, sharpener, rubber, whitener, etc.  On the software side, you must be familiar with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Adobe and other software, such as JPG to PDF converters, JPG/PDF to Word converters, etc.  Briefly, you must be able to offer all kind of back office support to your employer. If you have all these arrangements, you are ready and set to go.

Where can you find online Virtual Assistant jobs?

Before you look for virtual assistant jobs, try to analyze your strength and weakness, which will let you focus on the right jobs suitable for you. There are many ways to make money online as a virtual assistant by using some great tips.

Find the area of specialization

Before starting as a virtual assistant, it is important to know your area of interest. You need to have expertise and skills you prefer to work as a freelancer to earn money. There are hundreds of domains and thousands of online jobs, which you can access to find your specialization.

Advertise your skills

Consistency is the key to achieving success as Virtual Assistant. After few months or years of experience in freelancing, it is time you promote your skills and expertise in the digital world. Create a website to garner attention and become a full-time VA to make money online. Connecting with right kind of audience is paramount to establish yourself in the digital market.

Some of the Great websites offering Virtual Assistant Jobs

There are many websites, which offer freelancing and virtual assistant work. There is a scope of earning a lot of money working from home while finding your work on these websites. The following sites will allow free basic registration and premium registration for a nominal fee.  After registering, create a beautiful profile and search for various virtual assistant job postings.

Elance –

Website –

It is one of the top-notch freelancing websites with wide range of work using which you can earn money.



Website –

It is a unique website offering many home based jobs for women professionals. It gives women to empower self by working from home.



Website –

The website has tons of freelancing work that will help you work from home at your convenience.



Website –

It is perfect for small enterprises to individuals, for starting their profession as a virtual assistant.


24/7 Virtual Assistant

Website –

It is an excellent outsourcing portal, offering freelance opportunities including virtual assistant jobs.

Virtual assistant job in social media

Many websites and individuals require virtual assistants for the handling of their social media campaigns. Social media being one of the best platforms to increase traffic and promotions, you can find many virtual assistant opportunities in social media marketing.



The online virtual assistant job is a comfortable option for people who have constraints to be part of a busy 9 to 5 corporate culture.  It is especially a good alternative for mothers of newborn children, and students who want to make some pocket money and retired hands who want to spend their time for a quality lifestyle.

The job is perfect for people who are responsible for meeting the deadlines, accessible during and off time assignment period, punctual to the core, organized and having the excellent ability to keep the clients business secrets. You must be hard working and reliable because you shall be able to work independently.  To become a successful virtual assistant, you have to prove yourself as the best in the market, so that you can make a steady online income.




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